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DragonBall: Advanced Adventure for Windows Phone

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* Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.- The Story Mode follows Goku as he goes on the adventure of his lifetime. Most of the Dragon Ball story arcs are here; ... Read More > or Download Now >

DragonBall: Advanced Adventure for Windows Phone

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More About DragonBall: Advanced Adventure

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* Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.

- The Story Mode follows Goku as he goes on the adventure of his lifetime. Most of the Dragon Ball story arcs are here; the only one noticeably missing is the Piccolo Junior storyline from the end of the series. There are many items to collect in the game, most of which are hidden. Items can include those that increase the player's health and/or ki, the Dragon Balls, or objects such as Master Roshi's sunglasses and Mercenary Tao's cyborg headgear. The player is only able to play as Goku at first. By clearing Goku's Story Mode once, the player is also able to play Story Mode with Krillin. However with Krillin, you will not get any cutscenes and story, just the levels. The Story Mode cannot be played with any other character.

* There are 3 main different levels:

Platform – Goku/Krillin goes around an area and beats the usual enemies.
Nimbus – Goku/Krillin fights the enemy in the air on the Flying Nimbus.
One-On-One – Where one character fights another character individually, like in the World Martial Arts Tournaments. Goku does not use his Power Pole in this mode, and thus his moves are different.

* One-On-One Mode
- A one-on-one fight between the player and the opponent, much like several of the boss battles in the game. This is a free battle where the player can decide which area and how long the fight will be. The player start off with Goku and Krillin, but whenever a one-on-one character in Story Mode is defeated, a personal item of theirs is obtained which unlocks them. Jackie Chun, Mercenary Tao, Grandpa Gohan, Tien Shinhan, King Piccolo and Cyborg Tao are also playable once unlocked.
- Apart from single battles, a Survival Mode can be unlocked by completing both Goku and Krillin's Story Mode. In this mode, the player is placed in a tournament and can select any of the characters that have been unlocked.

* Versus Mode
- The multiplayer mode of the game, where 2 players can compete against each other with most of the options available in One-on-One Mode.

* Extra Mode
- The Extra Mode unlocked after the player has completed Goku's Story Mode. In Extra Mode, all the levels in Story Mode are revisited (without the cutscenes). The player will have all of the levels available at the start, rather than having to go through them in order. There are two primary objectives to complete:

- All of the red doors seen throughout the levels can now be opened, and a greater amount of items are placed in the stages. Minigames can be unlocked by finding all 54 items. However, as an inverse, the special doors in the original mode all may contain other bonuses, as well as some collectibles only in Extra Mode.
- The Extra Mode Character List shows 28 characters that the player can use in Extra Mode, aside from Goku and Krillin. Each of them has a corresponding portrait hidden in one of the levels, that must be found to unlock the character for use. Both the third and fourth minigames must also be accessed before every single character can be unlocked. After that, it is recommended to play through Extra Mode as each character and learn all their moves.

* Mini Games
+ Catch Korin
In this mode, the player controls Goku and tries to catch Korin, who jumps around and creates illusions. Goku is the only playable character here, and the controls are different.

+ Rock Crushing
The playable character destroys Rocks and Boulders in an attempt to get a highscore. Goku is only playable character here. The character icons required to unlock King Piccolo and Jackie Chun in Extra mode are found here.

+ Bosses on Parade
The playable character faces all the bosses in succession with limited healing items. The mode ends with a fight against an enemy Goku. All playable characters are available for play in this mode. Only the boss fights in the platformer style are used, unless Goku or Krillin is used, in which case the two Nimbus stage bosses are included.

+ Small Fry Fight
The playable character faces a mass of enemies and tries to beat them all within the timelimit and survive to get a highscore. All playable characters are available in this mode.

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