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Appx4Fun includes 12 apps from the developer Pocketkai.

Dog Whistle (Kids & Family App)

Dog Whistle

About: Dogs respond to high tones. Train your dog to a specific frequency. You can change the frequency of...

Shave Mirror (Lifestyle App)

Shave Mirror

About: Use this Shave Mirror for shave and if you have no real Mirror. The program activates the front...

Heart Rate Monitor (Health & Fitness App)

Heart Rate Monitor

About: Measure your pulse using the camera and LED. The LED on the finger is illuminated and the camera...

Blue Hour (Photo & Video App)

Blue Hour

About: The 'Blue Hour' is very famous among photographers and is used to gorgeous photos in the morning or...

Breeds of Dogs (Kids & Family App)

Breeds of Dogs

About: This program shows you all dog breeds from around the world. This has worked more than 1 year in...

Tile Weather (News & Weather App)

Tile Weather

About: With this app you have clear weather all weather conditions and in different colors and tilesView....

MakeUp Mirror (Lifestyle App)

MakeUp Mirror

About: Use this Make Up Mirror Make-up and if you have no real Mirror. The program activates the front...

Find Me (Travel App)

Find Me

About: Lost or misplaced your smartphone? With "Find me" find your device again. Every 30...

Barometer (News & Weather App)


About: Use your Windows Phone as real Old Barometer. Temperature display, felt temperature, air humidity,...

Hearing Test (Health & Fitness App)

Hearing Test

About: As we age, we hear people getting worse. Young people listen to 20 years still good to about 18...