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Publisher: Mayhem Software

Mayhem Software published 7 Apps for Windows Phone

Beat My Drum v1.1.0.0 (Updated: July 16, 2016)

Beat My Drum for Windows Phone

An application for playing beats in real time on your phone. "Beat My Drum" simulates a seven piece drum kit with kick, snare, and tom drums as well as hi-hat, ride and crash cymbals. Unlike man ...

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You Cast v1.4.0.0 (Updated: January 16, 2018)

You Cast for Windows Phone

Allows users to cast youtube videos to their chromecast device

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Snowball Ninja v1.1.0.0 (Updated: July 16, 2016)

Snowball Ninja for Windows Phone

Sick of snotty nosed kids? Want to hit them with snowballs? Now you can with this action packed 'shoot em up' from Mayhem Software. Test your speed, skill and accuracy by throwing snowballs at k ...

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Timezone Converter v1.4.0.0 (Updated: December 7, 2016)

Timezone Converter for Windows Phone

Converts a date/time from one time-zone to another. This application is great for scheduling international trips as well as convenient times for overseas conference calls, webinars and phonecalls ...

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View Tube+ v2.0.0.0 (Updated: July 16, 2016)

View Tube+ for Windows Phone

The best way to watch videos on your phone. Combines videos from Youtube, Veoh and Daily Motion to create a seemless, intergrated viewing experience..---- Version 2 ------Added support for Window ...

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Convert My Units v1.2.0.0 (Updated: July 16, 2016)

Convert My Units for Windows Phone

THE ONLY UNIT CONVERTER THAT DOES TIMEZONE CONVERSION. This application allows conversion of commonly used units including time, distance, length, temperature, weight, speed, area and volume. Co ...

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XKCD Viewer v1.5.0.0 (Updated: July 16, 2016)

XKCD Viewer for Windows Phone

XKCD Viewer is an application that allows you to read the popular web comic 'xkcd' in a format optimised for your mobile phone. Features include pinch n zoom, a dedicated alt/text button, the abil ...

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