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Thunder Battle: Warship Competitive (Strategy Game)

Thunder Battle: Warship Competitive

About: Thunder Battle is a 3D military simulation strategy game officially launched on the Microsoft Store worldwide! Ultra-high-quality sea, land and air melee combat opens a new era of military simulation games! High-reduction 3D model armament power, 360-degree operation without dead ends, immersive experience every aspect of the battlefield!...

Scarlet Fate 2 (Strategy Game)

Scarlet Fate 2

About: Scarlet Fate 2 is an adventure placement game with a two-dimensional fantasy theme on the same server around the world. Players can recruit characters, team up to explore the fantasy continent, unearth treasures, unlock long-lost magic and technology, and restore lost civilization, and build a civilized, prosperous and harmonious new world on this continent....

Merge Pet (Family & Kids Game)

Merge Pet

About: Merge Pet co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC is a casual placement synthesis game based on the...

Merge Design: Mansion Makeover (Strategy Game)

Merge Design: Mansion Makeover

About: MG's 6th-anniversary celebration , millions of awards waiting for youActivity...

Dragons Legend: Magic Merge (Family & Kids Game)

Dragons Legend: Magic Merge

About: MG's 6th-anniversary celebration , millions of awards waiting for youActivity...

Imagiblast (Strategy Game)


About: Imagiblast, A game that confronts heroes and villains of different fables, tales and cultures in fun strategic battles. Find La Calavera Catrina working with Leprechaun and Merlin to stop a group of villains that may be formed by Onibaba, Dracula and even Krampus!...

Legend City (Strategy Game)

Legend City

About: Legend City co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC is a realistic urban simulation operation game with...

Ellr Land (Strategy Game)

Ellr Land

About: Ellr Land is a card strategy game with roguelike elements. The background of the story is in...