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9Fun published 4 Apps for Windows Phone

Duck Mageddon v1.0.0.0 (Updated: June 18, 2016)

Duck Mageddon for Windows Phone

Duck Hunting returns! Instructions, Use the left mouse button to shoot. Reload your gun by clicking on the ammo panel to the bottom right

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Amazing Ant Smasher v2.0.0.0 (Updated: October 27, 2016)

Amazing Ant Smasher for Windows Phone

A super fun, simple and entertaining game where your objective is to smash as many ants as possible. Enjoy the high quality graphics of fully animated ants. This game is performance optimized and ...

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Find True Color v1.0.0.0 (Updated: June 18, 2016)

Find True Color for Windows Phone

The true color is a simple game that will help you to keep your brain sharp. Based on the Stroop effect that says when the name of a color (e.g., "blue," "green," or "red") is printed in a color n ...

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Kuku Kube Puzzle v1.0.0.0 (Updated: June 18, 2016)

Kuku Kube Puzzle for Windows Phone

KUKU KUBE!This simple puzzle game will test the quality of your color vision.You need to identify one tile which is not the same color with the other tiles.Easy to play, self described puzzle game ...

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