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Publisher: Nevosoft LLC

Nevosoft LLC published 11 Apps for Windows Phone

Gemmy Lands - Play v2018.121.1742.0 (Updated: January 22, 2018)

Gemmy Lands - Play for Windows Phone

Create 3-in-a-row gem combos by matching nearby diamonds. Use bonuses and solve more and more advanced logical puzzles. Help Gemmy to switch crystals and explore this fun and amazing world.Downlo ...

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Treasure Slots Adventures v1.2.0.55 (Updated: September 27, 2017)

Treasure Slots Adventures for Windows Phone

Brand new app for those who like to spin and enjoy adventures!Discover treasures of the Deep Sea, Ancient Egypt tombs and temples!Bonus games, free spins, unique slots and lots of fun await you! S ...

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Magic Academy 2 v1.0.1.0 (Updated: September 16, 2016)

Magic Academy 2 for Windows Phone

Trouble is brewing in the world of magic: A priceless treatise has gone missing and if it falls into the wrong hands, a demon that was banished long ago could be summoned from exile... It’s up to ...

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Dream Sleuth v1.0.0.0 (Updated: July 9, 2012)

Dream Sleuth for Windows Phone

Dream Sleuth - the high rated hidden object game among iOS and Android users is now available for Windows Phone!One night Catherine, the main hero, had a rather peculiar dream about a missing girl ...

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Dreamland. v1.4.0.0 (Updated: October 7, 2015)

Dreamland. for Windows Phone

Welcome to Dreamland, an old abandoned amusement park! It is full of dangerous traps and broken rides not suitable for children. And it also contains a terrible secret... The evil dwarf who lives ...

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Pioneer Lands v1.2.0.0 (Updated: February 18, 2016)

Pioneer Lands for Windows Phone

Pioneer Lands is a unique game with a fascinating combination of business simulation and strategy set on the frontier of America's Old West! A true Western casual game! It's a story about brave pi ...

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Shadow Shelter v2014.1120.1050.3413 (Updated: September 16, 2016)

Shadow Shelter for Windows Phone

You have been hired as a private investigator to search for the missing heir to an old estate in Scotland. You wouldn’t expect to find anyone in an abandoned manor, but that assumption is wrong …T ...

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Gemmy Lands v4.9.0.0 (Updated: August 7, 2016)

Gemmy Lands for Windows Phone

Create 3-in-a-row gem combos by matching nearby diamonds. Use bonuses and solve more and more advanced logical puzzles. Move faster on the map than your Facebook friends. Help Gemmy to switch cry ...

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LandGrabbers v2.5.6.0 (Updated: February 6, 2015)

LandGrabbers for Windows Phone

LandGrabbers, an unbelievable crusades simulator, is now available for the WinPhone! Imagine that you are in the Middle Ages. It’s the time of castles, knights and the Crusades. ...

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Mysteryville 2 v1.0.0.0 (Updated: September 5, 2014)

Mysteryville 2 for Windows Phone

Brave and talented journalist Laura Winner returns to the small town that everyone remembers from the award winning game Mysteryville. And once again she finds herself at the epicenter of a scanda ...

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Holy War v2014.904.1400.797 (Updated: September 4, 2014)

Holy War for Windows Phone

The struggle between good and evil will be endless... unless you decide to enter the war. Prevent the devil invasion, protect the forest, and clean the ice-cold desert and sky! Use you ...

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