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mislav published 11 Apps for Windows Phone

Burger v2.4.0.0 (Updated: September 8, 2016)

Burger for Windows Phone

You are hired in a restaurant to serve clients as fast as possible to earn money. Take orders from your customers and make a tasty burgers. The more you will play, the orders will be more complica ...

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Colwars v2.1.0.0 (Updated: September 8, 2016)

Colwars for Windows Phone

This is a great challenging time-passing game. Encircle areas with your color and collect special items to turn them into points. Try it now and beat your opponents!

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Millionaire v5.1.0.0 (Updated: August 29, 2016)

Millionaire for Windows Phone

×××JOIN OVER 5 MILLION PLAYERS WORLDWIDE×××This application is an imitation of the well-known TV quiz ”Who wants to be a millionaire?”. The main goal is to become a millionaire by answering 15 que ...

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The Dentist v2.5.0.0 (Updated: September 8, 2016)

The Dentist for Windows Phone

Be a dentist and tidy up your patients' teeth! Check out your cool dentist tools and prepare to clean those teeth!Let yourself be a dentist and take care of your patients.

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Monsters HD v2.4.0.0 (Updated: September 8, 2016)

Monsters HD for Windows Phone

Users reviews:***** Funny game. 5 stars ***** This game offers a lot of fun**** Thanks for this game**** Top 10 of all gamesv1.2 Social network sharingDo you like addicting games which offers you ...

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What's my IQ v2.4.0.0 (Updated: August 25, 2016)

What's my IQ for Windows Phone

What’s My IQ? is new brain game. It contains brain puzzles, and tricky solutions that you will never ever thought of.Each question is particular. Think out-of-box, don’t think straight! At the end ...

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Jumpinja v1.4.0.0 (Updated: August 29, 2016)

Jumpinja for Windows Phone

One of the hottest new mobile games - completely free and addictive as a hell is now available on Windows Phone.How high can you jump?One of the biggest challenges of ninjas is jumping.Tap the scr ...

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Logical v2.3.0.0 (Updated: September 8, 2016)

Logical for Windows Phone

Do you like puzzle and brain games?Than „Logical“ is game for you.„Logical“ is addictive puzzle game similar to sudoku, but it is much easier and you get more fun.The game has simple rules which ...

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Blob wars v2.5.0.0 (Updated: September 8, 2016)

Blob wars for Windows Phone

It is an addictive brain and strategy game.The goal of the game is to take control of the war board by attacking your opponent with your blobs. Your target is converting your opponent's blobs int ...

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Deal or No Deal v3.0.0.0 (Updated: August 25, 2016)

Deal or No Deal for Windows Phone

This application is an imitation of the well-known TV show ”Deal or no deal”. The main goal is to keep a case containing the top prize. There is also the banker which is trying to make you an acce ...

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Farm town v2.9.5.0 (Updated: May 19, 2015)

Farm town for Windows Phone

FARM TOWN Welcome to game where you can plant, grow, and harvest virtual crops and create the farm of your dream. Buy farm animals,raise them and decorate the most beautiful farm. Try to comp ...

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