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Bears Beets BSG v1.3.0.0 (Updated: June 17, 2016)

Bears Beets BSG for Windows Phone

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica. An entire app dedicated to the meme. Choose a lockscreen from image galleries of Bears, Beets and Battlestar Galactica, or allow the app to choose a new daily l ...

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SpeechJammer v2.3.0.1 (Updated: November 30, 2014)

SpeechJammer for Windows Phone

Turn on SpeechJammer, plug in your headphones and try to talk!Based on the IgNobel prize winning research, SpeechJammer plays your voice back to you at an adjustable delay, making it difficult to ...

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Kid Reader v1.1.0.0 (Updated: July 6, 2016)

Kid Reader for Windows Phone

Create your own audiobooks for your little loved ones with Kid Reader!Take pictures and record your voice for each page to create each Audiobook.Bring your whole library of children's stories with ...

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News Hub for Destiny v1.1.0.6 (Updated: June 18, 2016)

News Hub for Destiny for Windows Phone

News Hub for Destiny is an app for fans of Destiny, the new game from Bungie.Destiny is an online persistent world first-person shooter video game in a mythic science fiction open world setting. I ...

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Car Dash v4.2.2.0 (Updated: November 26, 2016)

Car Dash for Windows Phone

Car Dash is a Windows Phone 8 dashboard application for the commuter!* * * * * AWARD WINNING APP * * * * *Car Dash won Nokia Create Mini Missions 4 & 5 for it's innovative use of Nokia MixRadi ...

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