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Publisher: Samuel J

Samuel J published 4 Apps for Windows Phone

Chants d'Esperance v2016.617.1714.1966 (Updated: April 7, 2018)

Chants d'Esperance for Windows Phone

Chants D'Esperance with Tunes provides you access to all the lyrics of the song book Chants D'Esperance. Some Tunes are also included with the Lyrics so you can learn and help you worship. As new ...

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SDA Hymnal with Tunes v2016.427.2012.627 (Updated: March 8, 2018)

SDA Hymnal with Tunes for Windows Phone

This App contains the complete set of standard hymns for Seventh Day Adventist Church for your daily worship. + Complete Lyrics and Tunes in (English, French, Spanish) + SDA Hymnals, Church Hymnal ...

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MediaStream v1.1.0.3 (Updated: March 7, 2018)

MediaStream for Windows Phone

Enjoy Full featured free Videos from many public Domain sources. Some memorable Great movies from the past. Black and White movies and Color videos Full length, as well as great contemporary vi ...

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WordX v2016.321.1646.2964 (Updated: July 19, 2017)

WordX for Windows Phone

WordX is more than a game. It challenges your mind. It is a learning tool, it improves your vocabulary. It includes pronunciation of words. You are learning as you play this game. You will become ...

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