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Zombie High Vol 6 (Role Playing Game)

Zombie High Vol 6

About: You make the decisions in this interactive novel set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world....

Ghost Hunter: JJ Jones (Educational Game)

Ghost Hunter: JJ Jones

About: Reading is now addictive! You play the part of JJ Jones, an 11 year-old ghost hunter. YOU make the...

Witch Saga Volume 1 (Role Playing Game)

Witch Saga Volume 1

About: Like nothing else on the Windows Phone!A sinister god, conspiracy, madness, betrayal, dark magic,...

Witch Saga Volume 3 (Role Playing Game)

Witch Saga Volume 3

About: This is volume 3 of the thrilling Witch Saga text adventure series. Set in the 1930's, you are a...

Witch Saga Volume 2 (Role Playing Game)

Witch Saga Volume 2

About: Volume 2 of the thrilling Witch Saga series! You play a witch on the trail of an evil and powerful...

Monster Myths 1: Bigfoot (Role Playing Game)

Monster Myths 1: Bigfoot

About: You’re a desk-bound research assistant working for a TV production company that investigates...

Delight Games (Role Playing Game)

Delight Games

About: Do you want to play a high school student during the zombie apocalypse? How about a detective in a...

Delight Games Premium (Role Playing Game)

Delight Games Premium

About: Update: An Oregon Trail gamebook has been added! Update: Witch Saga Volume 7 is live!Premium...

Zombie High Vol 3 (Role Playing Game)

Zombie High Vol 3

About: The conspiracy continues to unfold in the third volume of the Zombie High series. It's...

Zombie High Vol 1 (Role Playing Game)

Zombie High Vol 1

About: It's thirteen years into the zombie apocalypse, and civilization has moved underground. Jane...