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Publisher: Lowwwe

Lowwwe published 8 Apps for Windows Phone

Portal Lens v1.3.0.0 (Updated: June 21, 2016)

Portal Lens for Windows Phone

Ever wanted to be in a video game, well now you can with Portal Lens you can frame the location you experience every in a new way.Portal Lens is a photo overlay app that allows you to make creativ ...

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Dog Years v1.6.0.0 (Updated: June 21, 2016)

Dog Years for Windows Phone

Find out the real age of your pets. If you have a cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, turtle or monkey you'll never miss their birthday again. Find out if you're older than your pet.Enter the birthday of y ...

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Bubble Pack Endless v1.0.0.0 (Updated: July 6, 2016)

Bubble Pack Endless for Windows Phone

Bubble Pack, endless sheets of bubble wrap for you to pop. A time will be displayed after each sheet. That's a simple bubble wrap simulator.

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Animal Farm Wrap v1.0.0.0 (Updated: June 21, 2016)

Animal Farm Wrap for Windows Phone

Pop the bubbles. Make sure to pop the correct animals. If you get it wrong the animals will shout at you. Eight levels to play through. Remember "Four legs good, two legs bad". Get it wrong three ...

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Doodle Bomber 7 v5.0.0.0 (Updated: August 19, 2016)

Doodle Bomber 7 for Windows Phone

Play as the bombardier in an airship dropping bombs on the numbered targets below as you fly back and forth over the canyon. This single button game with its three simple rules lets everyone quick ...

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Wish You Were Here v2.5.0.0 (Updated: June 21, 2016)

Wish You Were Here for Windows Phone

“Wish you were here” allows you to create fake fun holiday snaps. This means that you can take your face from an existing photo and place it as the foreground in a picture of a famous landmark. Sa ...

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Desk Turret v1.0.0.0 (Updated: July 6, 2016)

Desk Turret for Windows Phone

A simple game with a hidden level of depth and strategy. Click on the screen to turn the turret and fire a match head at the incoming micro SD cards. The cards come in waves. See how long you can ...

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Metroid H.U.D. Lens v1.8.0.0 (Updated: July 6, 2016)

Metroid H.U.D. Lens for Windows Phone

Metroid H.U.D. Lens See the world through Samus's eyes. Take photos with the X-Ray visor, thermal visor, dark visor or battle visor . You'll see the world in a different light, use the visor to se ...

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