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"EVERYONE IS PHOTOGENICS" "Fotogenic" is the best choices for photo editing app to suit every level of photographer.We've created an ... Read More > or Download Now >

Fotogenic Photo Editor for Windows Phone

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  • • Requirements: Windows Phone 8.1
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More About Fotogenic Photo Editor

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"Fotogenic" is the best choices for photo editing app to suit every level of photographer.

We've created an interactive help for you to understand how to use it for each feature. Tutorials cover many aspects of what you can do. Even if you have never used photo editing app before, you will create wonderful works of art like a photo editing expert.

It has an innovative and easy to use interface that creates a beautifully simple user experience. It's easy and intuitive for beginners yet capable enough to be appreciated by professional photographers.
Fotogenic is the most inspiring photo editing app you've ever needed and dreamed.
We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface.
Be photogenic.

Note :
Create A Perfect Selfie 's name has changed and has been updated with new features.
Buy once and use on both desktop and mobile devices

Features :
• Text On Path : Adding text on a path is an important way to create unique text effects. Created text does flow smoothly along a path.
• Speech Bubble : A fun way to perk up your photos is by adding cartoon style speech balloons.
• Caption : Add a caption below and above your photos. You can also meme generator , thug life or fun caps.
• Stretch : Any number of things can go wrong during a photo shoot and make the subject look shorter than they actually are. Maybe the lighting was off, the angle was bad. Fix those mistakes and make you taller. Resize a part of your image.
• Slimmer : In real life, you have to diet to slim down. In the virtual world, where all things are easier, it's a snap to get a leaner picture.
• Crop - Cut - Cutter : Remove unwanted portions of the image and choose between the many aspect ratio available to better adjust your photo.
• Perspective : Keystone distortion occurs when an object is photographed from an angle rather than from a straight‑on view. Fix it.
• Rotate : Turn your photo 90 degrees left or right, flip your image horizontal or vertical.
• Straighten : You can easily fix slanted photos.
• Square Fit : Square fit tool is easy way to post high quality square photo on social network without cropping with blur background.
• Mosaic : You can hide or erase the unwanted parts of your picture with the mosaic effect.
• Smooth : Perfect face tune. it's a flawless complexion. it is the quick and easiest way to achieving a flawless complexion for anyone. Skin smoother beautify.
• Whiten - Teeth whitening - White Smile : Whiten tool lets you fix yellow or dull looking teeth to give your a dazzling white smiles.
• Detail : It provides unrivaled clarity for your eyes, mouth, eyebrow, and outline of the head to accentuate the best areas of your face.
• Makeover : You may not be shot in your most beautiful scene. With this toolbox, however, you can add your makeup after your photos to be taken such as adding a shadow for your eyes or paint a nice color for your lip.
• Clone : Object removal. Clone tool eliminate unwanted objects by using similar areas in the photo. You can also use acne, pimple, blemish, wrinkle eraser or for photo montage, restoration or as mirror part of the main object .
• Body building (body builder booth) : Do you want to have an athletic body? You want to build abs, chest muscle and six packs, but don't you have a time to workout in the gym or fitness? Now you can get an attractive and sexy body in seconds.
• Tattoo : If you have always wanted to get a tattoo, but you’re not sure. You can get inspiration what symbol to put permanently on your body.
• Bronze Skin : Making your bronzer appear naturally sun kissed. You can darkens and brightens your skin color as you want. Skin color changer.
• Defocus - Tilt Shift or Full Blurry : Focus on the main subject, and leave the background blurry.
• Reshape : You can use it to realistic plastic surgery simulator, improve your appearance or have fun warping people. liquify, melt, photo warp.
• Vibrance : Vibrance is a smart tool which cleverly increases the intensity of the more muted colors and leaves the already well saturated colors alone.
• Color Splash : Create simple and nice looking abstract artworks. Highlight and focus on the most important parts of an image.
• Color Replacement - Correction : Easily replace the color of objects in your photos.
• Levels - Curves : Move and stretch brightness levels in a histogram using three main components: a black point, white point and middle tone slider.
• Filter : Premium photo filters to make them look awesome. Top photo filters Basic, Black and White, Cinema, Soft, Vintage, Wedding, Celebration)
• Red Eye Remover : If you've ever used the flash on your cam to take a picture of someone in a dark area, you've probably knew the red eye effect.
• Lighting : You can add depth and warmth to your images with Light source tool. You can add beautiful light to your images.
• Channel Mixer : Adjust The Percentages For The Red, Green And Blue pixel Channels.
• Brightness Contrast : To make pictures more visually pleasing.
• Sharpen : Sharpening enhances the definition of edges in an image. That cannot correct a severely blurred image.
• HDR : Achieve an High Dynamic Range look. it improves sharpening, vibrancy and saturation in an image with a single adjustment. Apply it to only specific areas within an image.
• Highlights and Shadows : Quick and easy method for correcting lighting.
• Signature : Create and add your digital signature. It shows everyone who sees it who created the image or photo.
• Paint : This is a powerful tool for those who love the art of hand painted. Decorate your photos. (Pencil Sketch, Airbrush, Classic Brush, Pen, Crayon, Marker)
Creative Artistic Brushes Studio
• Funny Decoration Brushes : You can add the cute animals, Indicator arrow, arrows, people, kid, halloween, xmas, doodles objects you'll modify your photos magical!
• Weather Lab : Transform the atmosphere of your picture in just a few seconds. Enhance your outdoor images by adding incredible detail as well as awesome raw weather, clouds, lightning, rain, rainbow or snow to the sky in your scene.
• Glow Line : Bring some energy to your subject. Wrap a part of the main object with a glowing beam of light or a draw a text to make it all seem magical. (Glow lamp, sparkle, Fire, Glow Line)
• Seagull - Butterfly : Create a wonderful graphic composition. Flock of seagulls taking flight over the beach and ocean.
• Flare - Glitter : Add magic to your photos using flares and some pixie dust!
• Bokeh Creator : Express your creativity. Vivid bokeh lighting effects are perfect for creating soft dreamy backgrounds.
• Money : Free Money? A lot of it!!! Nothing so charmed as a freedom to have them! Take them, they are flying into your hands!
• Dandelion : These flowers which evokes happiness and joy when you blow up the seeds in the spring, hopefully also bring happiness to your photos.
• Bubble : Capturing bubbles in the perfect spot of your photos is difficult. So why not spend more time focused on the subject of your photos while you're shooting and add the bubbles in later as needed to finish off the look?
• Falling Petals : What if you could capture a beautiful photograph and add in falling petals later when you're editing your photos? Your photos will look very elegant and ethereal. (Red Rose,Yellow Rose,Daisy,Autumn,petal, foliage, leafage, greens, leaf)
• Confetti : This live brush is an essential part of memorable photo. Great for wedding, portrait, celebrations the possibilities are endless!
• Shapes : The ideal complement for a fun photo composition. This set including hearts, stars, plus, multiply, math, flower etc.
• Mixer - Blender - Double Exposure : One of the fastest ways to get amazing looking images is by combine images. Each blending mode changes the way that a layer reacts with the layer underneath it. Merge photos and select one of wonderful masks.
• Light Leaks : Light leak happens when light "leaks" into the camera causing the film to overexpose. This flaw can add an artistic touch to your photo.
• Grunge : Worn out photos are one of the most used design styles. Add a vintage or retro look in your designs. Convert normal everyday photos into worn out style.
• Gradient : Create natural looking composite images. Blend images with hd gradient textures to make your photo stand out from the other.
• Lens Flare : Trendy cool colorized photos that have color on the edges and really nice lighting?
• Vignette - Fade Effect : This is a popular photo effect where the photo gradually fades into the background in an oval shape.
• Mask : Wanna highlight a part of your image in different shapes?
• Frames : Give your photos an edge! Picture frames have been around for most of art history. This hasn't change in our digital age. Whether you print your photo or leave it digital, adding an frame to it will always help its presentation.
• Doodle - Sticker : Add humor or feeling to your photo. Add vacation, party, love, sweet, candy, comic, food, education, halftone, birthday, baby, wedding, anniversary, christmas doodles.
• Borders : Adding borders is a quick and easy way to make an image stand out. Create a simple but effective border around your image, Add the finishing touch to your photos and share them on facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, snapchat etc...

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