New Releases Games for Windows or Windows Phone

Updated: November 28, 2023

New Added Games for Windows or Windows Phone

Speed Racer Rush (Racing & Flying Game)

Speed Racer Rush

About: Race against time in this thrilling endless traffic game. Dodge, weave, and conquer the highway chaos. How far can you go, Speed Racer Rush: Endless Traffic Challenge...

Hello Office (Action & Adventure Game)

Hello Office

About: Expand your next adventure inside the office floors. And play the game to bring you back to the way they were in the real-life office building. That with the...

HUEman (Educational Game)


About: Play a game. Learn color theory., hueman...

错别字大考验 (Family & Kids Game)


About: 这是一款考验你的语文基本功的小游戏,需要你快速地从读音或字形相近的文字中选择正确的结果以组成词组。它可以让...

ParkourLand Elite 3 (Action & Adventure Game)

ParkourLand Elite 3

About: A New Generation Of ParkourLand! Experience Addictive Story With Your Companion, Matthew, Who Escaped The Reality Of BeanNet Company And Needs Your Help To Stop Them. Run And Drive Through Many Maps And Buildings., ParkourLand Elite 3...

Cribbage Card (Card & Board Game)

Cribbage Card

About: cribbage, card, game, free, new, rummy...

ReDraw (Family & Kids Game)


About: ReDraw! is an addictive combination of memory and drawing games.Your task is to copy the shown image by drawing with your finger, but with a twist: the...

太古封魔录 (Strategy Game)


About: 乾坤动荡天穹破,续断轮回忘前尘!全新3D国风修仙游戏《太古封魔录》,转战三界只为与你结缘!多重转职,逆天进阶...

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming (Strategy Game)

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

About: Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is a PC strategy game based on the HBO drama television series, officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment...

Town of Dusk (Action & Adventure Game)

Town of Dusk

About: You will enter the Town of Dusk built in the late stage of the The Empire of Japan, and engage in thrilling reasoning, adventure, and games. Your different choices will affect the plot direction. Please avoid being killed by other characters! And solve all puzzles and uncover the truth!, Town of Dusk...

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