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Dentinsight CT Viewer (Medical App) New!

Dentinsight CT Viewer

About: Computed Tomography Viewer allows you to open and examine dental CT scans from various types of software manufacturers like: Planmeca, Ez3D, One Volume Viewer,...

GazooResearch (Medical App)


About: GazooResearch is a medical research tool that helps researchers organize, annotate documents, and visualize patient information., Gazoo Research...

LEADTOOLS DICOM Viewer App (Medical App) New!


About: APP FOR DEVELOPERS – see note below. The LEADTOOLS DICOM Viewer App is a solution for viewing DICOM images and the embedded DICOM tags with tools such as...

Lifeguard Desktop Pro (Medical App) New!

Lifeguard Desktop Pro

About: Lifeguard Desktop Pro is the healthcare professional patient management solution enabling providers to remain an integral part of patient care, monitoring...

PiCom (Medical App) New!


About: PiCom is an Augmentative Alternative Communication system (AAC) , which can be used within healthcare systems such as the UK's NHS, the schools systems, at home or when out and about. PiCom is a picture symbol communicator with text to speech or recorded voice output, that runs on a wide range of tablets, phones and computers. PiCom does not require a web connection to use as a communication aid. PiCom is designed to assist people who have difficulty speaking, due to a medical situation (short or long term). It can also be of great help in special education. PiCom brings change and more choice to digital communication aids., PiCom...

Complete Anatomy 2022 (Medical App) New!

Complete Anatomy 2022

About: 3D Human Body Atlas & Courses, C. Anatomy 22...

Klinik (Medical App) New!



Pillbox Pro (Medical App) New!

Pillbox Pro

About: Pillbox Pro, The best medicine reminder app on Windows...

Talk For Me 2022.6.1.0 (Medical App) New!

Talk For Me

About: Updated for 2022.Talk for Me is an application designed to give those without a voice a voice. It...