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Appx4Fun includes 13 apps from the developer Magic Card.

Vua Xoc Dia 3D (Card & Board Game)

Vua Xoc Dia 3D

About: You are a Vietnamese? otherwise you may not know about this game. This is one of the famous game in...

Hooligans In Space (Action & Adventure Game)

Hooligans In Space

About: Game genre action, classic, spacecraft control in space and destroy the enemy. The game is a...

Run In The Field (Action & Adventure Game)

Run In The Field

About: The game is construction in the style of the series game run. This game gives players a new...

Throwing Chickens (Action & Adventure Game)

Throwing Chickens

About: Following the game content stealing eggs from a neighbor, when you were a neighbor discovered, it's...

MCG Gold Miner (Action & Adventure Game)

MCG Gold Miner

About: The game is genre classic, fast hands, skillful, conjecture, infinite level, there are multi types...

MCG Vua Xoc Dia (Strategy Game)

MCG Vua Xoc Dia

About: "Vua Xoc Dia" is a game adapted from the game "Xoc Dia" (Dish shaking). A folk...

Monkey In Galaxy (Action & Adventure Game)

Monkey In Galaxy

About: Game genre addictive, challenging players, quick hands, quick eyes.In this game, you must control...

MCG Magic Card (Card & Board Game)

MCG Magic Card

About: Magic card game is a game of turn-based strategy card games, with content similar series...

Funny Mercenary (Action & Adventure Game)

Funny Mercenary

About: If you are a fan of the series like DotA or League of Legends that will be a shortened version,...

PKM Throw The Ball (Action & Adventure Game)

PKM Throw The Ball

About: Inspired by the game Pokemon Go, PKM Throw The Ball will give you a feel familiar. In the game you...